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Saw blade composition

1. Machinery

The operation must be carried out when the saw blade safety cover, material rebound prevention device and other safety devices are complete.

2. Personnel

The personnel using this product should be trained and have some experience.

3. Clothing, protective equipment

Operators and relevant personnel must wear protective glasses, wear appropriate work clothes during operation, and do not wear ties, clothes with open cuffs, thread gloves, etc. please wrap long hair with a hat.

4. Pre use inspection

1. Before installing the saw blade, first check the appearance of the saw blade. If cracks are found in the body, it is not allowed to use (repair), and it should also be wiped clean, especially to ensure that there is no rust and adhesion outside the contact position with the flange.

2. The size of the inner and outer flanges of the equipment should be consistent, the surface should be clean and flat, and the diameter of the flange should be greater than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

3. The actual use speed should not exceed the specified maximum speed.

4. Before cutting, check whether the installation direction of the saw blade is normal and whether the installation is secure.

5. In use

1. Do not touch the saw blade when it rotates.

2. Never approach the rotating surface of the saw blade. When working near the rotating saw, you must wear protective glasses and work clothes.

3. In case of abnormal sound and vibration during use, the operation must be stopped immediately for inspection. When disassembling the saw blade, first put a plastic pipe on the serration, and then disassemble the saw blade to avoid scratching the operator and damaging the serration.

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